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Tiffany Matson

Kansas City Photographer

Commercial, Editorial, Portraits, Weddings, Events, etc.

My interest in photography began 20 years ago and became my official career in 2004.
As a small business, I take pride in being diverse and flexible. I have experience shooting a variety of subjects, from simple products like compact discs to priceless works of art. I have photographed models for magazines, business people for brochures, food for restaurants, and Picassos for museum catalogues. I am equally comfortable working in unknown and unfamiliar locations as I am in the controlled environment of the photo studio. My work can be seen everywhere, from the web, to magazines, to books, to billboards.
My skills do not end after I click the shutter. I am a master of Photoshop and work regularly as a retoucher for large companies, museums, advertising agencies, other photographers, and charities. I also spend a considerable amount of time shooting pro bono, which is extremely satisfying and can hardly be called work. Most recently, I’ve photographed children, animals, Vietnam Veterans, and cancer patients. Using my love of photography to help those in need is the most rewarding thing I do.
My cache of equipment is constantly expanding and everything I have is portable, since my clients are all over the country. I am always learning new things, which is necessary when technology changes as often as it does. Social media has broadened the scope of photography and has allowed me to help my clients expand their reach and access. New media overwhelms us with images and as a result, quality has become more important than ever. I still take classes to keep up on new trends and techniques and I continue to learn from others in my field.
Photography is my business, my life, and my passion. I enjoy the challenges and creativity, and helping others get their message across. I am professional, punctual and reliable. And I am lucky that people hire me to do what I love.